By : Sarah Elizabeth Rose 

February 18, 2018

Vé Boisvert is self-taught artist from Quebec City whose noble artistic mission is to make life more beautiful — emphasis on the “full”. Her artwork is experienced as a form of soul medicine. Each painting is a portal into an elevated state of well-being that enlivens the heart-mind connection. Her brushstrokes are filled grace and a lightness of execution all her own. Vé’s story is testament to the fact that there is a universal intelligence and creativity moves through each and every one of us.

When I first met Vé, she told me that becoming an artist was a happy accident. While she hadn’t planned to live from her art, the universe gently nudged and coaxed her in that direction. With a semi-bewildered look of gratitude behind her eyes, she smiled and said: “Never would I have thought that I could live from selling my creations. When people write to me now to tell me how one of my paintings has brought them comfort or embellished the feel of a room, my heart feels full and I am so thankful toward life. That has become my greatest satisfaction as an artist.”

Flipping through her catalogue together, my eyes rested easily on one particularly painting. The way the colours seemed to breathe together on the canvas produced subtle softening effects and my imagination began to whirl with pleasant sensations. “Ah! This is ‘Florence’,” Vé remarked with enthusiasm. “It has quite a magical story. For some time, I had been listening to Florence and the Machine on a loop in my studio. I let my hand be guided by the power and expressiveness of her voice. There was a fluid sense of movement beneath my brush and the dabs of atmospheric colour produced a flawless sense of visual harmony. When it came time to name the piece, “Florence” just resonated. Two months later, I left my part-time job to pursue my art full-time. That very first day, I sold “Florence” to someone from England who lived in the same small city where Florence is born. It felt like proof from the universe that I’m on the right path.” By the time she finished telling her story, we both had that tingling ripple beneath our skin that made us feel she was right.


Vé tells me that meditation is the life source of her creativity. “By meditating before painting,” she tells me, “I connect with the creative energy. I open to something larger outside of myself. I become an open conduit, receptive to the creative charge that stokes my inspiration. This meditative process is often likened to a sort of trance. There’s a sense of well-being that radiates forth. It is full of light, a liberating current.”

Looking at one of Vé’s paintings allows the viewer to luxuriate in the present moment. It enables the viewer to experience life from the inside out by directly contacting the senses all once in one big, round feeling like a taste or musical note. Vé explains this effect to me: “Contemplating a work of art is a form of meditation. I think people would benefit from meditating in this way more often to rediscover that peaceful sanctuary within themselves. Art is the gateway into the universe of the artist. It’s a threshold we can pass by simply pausing, be it momentarily or even for a few fleeting seconds. This letting go is necessary to grasp a work of art.”

Vé admits timidly that she herself still works on de-conditioning this habit of grasping. “The first paintings I sold to strangers were difficult to part with. Selling my emotions to people I didn’t know was agonizing. Now, this process has become easier. That said, there are still times when I struggle to detach myself from a piece. To this day, certain farewells fill my eyes with tears.”


“Being creative is a state of mind,” Vé tells me. Vé is creative in her day to day. The way she sees it, it’s not something expressly for artists. It’s something that takes form for her through dance, yoga, writing, and all other activities she does for leisure. “I cultivate my creativity by preserving my inner child. Everyone knows I love to play.” 

When asked, “If there were one lasting impression you could convey through your art before the whole world went blind, what would it be?,” her message was this: “Without a shred of doubt it would be love! I want to saturate my viewers with that lucidity, that love.” In this way, Vé invites her viewers to be deliberate about the tender, kinder qualities of existence that they translate out into the world and this is the dose of soul medicine we are all in such dire need of.